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Anglo-Saxon Architecture

Suffolk offers a great range of activities and attractions to suit everyone's taste and pocket. We offer all sorts of things to do in Suffolk from discovering historic churches and timber framed Guildhalls, tours of one of only 8 Grade 1 listed theatres in the UK, skiing (dry slope!), through to the most up-to-date and thrilling adventure rides at Pleasurewood Hills.

Historic Sites and Buildings

Sites don't get much more Historic than Sutton Hoo, the burial ground of Anglo Saxon Kings. There are plenty of Things to do in Suffolk at Sutton Hoo, which is run by the National Trust and includes an exhibition hall with video and a full size reconstruction of the ship's burial chamber. There are Guided Tours and special events during the summer season.

Staying with the Anglo Saxons, West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village is a unique reconstruction of an Anglo Saxon Village built on an original archaeological site. Costume even bring the Village to life during the holidays, and a visitor centre displays finds from the site. Tel 01284 728718 for details

Suffolk has a few well preserved and impressive CASTLES including Framlingham Castle, and Orford Castle which are both run by English Heritage. Orford was the great keep of Henry 11. You can visit the castle today and explore the maze of rooms and passageways with a free audio tour. You can also enjoy spectacular views over the beautiful Orford Ness in this lovely area of Suffolk.

Hedingham Castle is on the Suffolk/Essex border and is a great place to spend the day. Hedingham has the finest Norman Keep, at 110 feet high, was built c.1140 by Aubrey de Vere and is still owned by one of his descendants, The Honourable Thomas Lindsay and his wife Virginia. There are four floors to explore, including a magnificent Banqueting Hall spanned by a remarkable 28 foot arch, one of the largest Norman arches in England. A visit to the castle and its beautiful grounds is ideal for a family outing, and during the summer there are a variety of special events which bring its colourful history alive.

Suffolk retains many fine examples of Medieval, Tudor, Georgian and Victorian architecture, sometimes within walking distance. For example, Long Melford is a stunning example of a Tudor House, situated close to Melford Hall, another Tudor Manor house but in a very different style. Holy Trinity Church nearby is Medieval, and there are several lovely private residences in Long Melford dating from the Georgina and Victorian times.

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