Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is a style buildings, the easy way without having ornamental structures found. This type of architecture, first published in 1900. For 1940 has been identified as the modern architecture of international style and the way dominant for several decades in the 20th century to build. Contemporary architects are designing scientific and analytical methods.

Many historians refer to the origin of this type of architecture, social and political revolution of the time, when others see modern architecture is explained mainly by technological developments and engineering. The availability of new materials such as iron, steel, concrete and glass brought new techniques in the context of the industrial revolution. Some see modern architecture as a reaction against the ancient architectural style. Above all, it is widely recognized as a matter of taste.

For the international style, the materials most commonly used are the medium of glass for the facade, steel and concrete for the supports for the floors outside and inside. The floor plans are functional and logical. But many people are not happy with the modern style. They find their bald, uncompromising rectangular geometric rather inhuman. They think that this style is universal sterile, elitist, and there is no meaning.
Modern architecture in question traditional ideas about the types of structures suitable for architectural design. Only important civic buildings, palaces, churches and public institutions were the backbone of architectural firms for a long time. But, argues modernist designers, architects should be all that is necessary for society, was also modest building design.

Architects began the low-cost housing, railway stations, factories, warehouses and industrial space planned. In the first half of 20th century modern architects produced furniture, textiles and wallpapers - set up a home environment built entirely - and the fashion houses. The aesthetics of modern architects used according celebrated in all forms of design, from household to massive cruise ships and new flying machines.
Modern architecture in the United States and Europe and spread to the rest of the world emerged. The characteristics of modern architecture were building permits, the stylistic movements, techniques and modern materials.